GOD’S Purpose of Life


If you knew What GOD'S Purpose of Life is" what would you do?

   To choose GOD'S Purpose of Life. On Sunday Jan. 06, 2013. we went to a convalescent home to visit a lady 95 years young, She suffering with a case of Pneumonia . We sat talking as we embarked on some encouraging words.

GOD'S Purpose of Life.

Mrs. Britt have been an important constituent in our God given ministry for over six years. In other words she knew my ministry and my devotion unto The LORD Jesus, and the Most High GOD. As a child of GOD she had excess in the ministry in talking to The LORD.

Take heed to What The Purpose of Life Is. 

-Rev 4:11 "Worthy art you our Lord and God,  For Your Pleasure We are and were created.

1. But! The LORD our GOD also serves us.  This is how the Most High GOD is such a wonderful GOD.

2. He shares his glory with us, and give glory, and honor unto us as well.

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