Christian Rap Videos

Christian Rap Videos

                The better we understand the truth. the better we can Believe in the Most High GOD.

Even in Christian Rap Videos  In Truth we are all victims of our own human demise. This is the number one thing that keeps us out of GOD'S Kingdom. I'm RevDavis and Unto The Lord of LORDS be all the Glory.  Listen i'am about to tell you something you never heard in church. At Least maybe not this way. YOU! are a Victim. OK here is the story below.


Now Prophet RevDavis Presents:

// Lecrae. -- Praying For You/

 Stranded In Fort Worth Texas

I was stranded. It happened on a Christmas day in a Airport terminal in Fort Worth Texas, 12-25- 2012. All the adults and children there were highly upset because  many flights were canceled- being de-iced, or rerouted. This was not a Christian Rap Videos. It was mostly fine rain, and then a little sleet, and about one inch of  snow on the ground. Continue Reading below.

The airport terminal corridor was like over crowded. Children were walking around bumping into one enougher. One young lady about six-teen years old -  as she walked through, and as i believe she said as a joke i heard her shout several times. WELCOME TO PURGATORY!. Purgatory is what the bible call hell. It is a place of despair and waiting for the judgement.  A place of waiting for the final sentencing at the judgement before GOD'S throne in heaven hand's down your sententing. For a child as her to be wondrously shouting out such a thing. i thought she has no gravity, or belief in such a thing to even exists. to Read about hell  Luke 16:23.

The seal of GOD

Did you know about the seal of GOD that must be put on your forehead in the End Times Days. We are among a very few who are teaching about the seal of GOD that is now! at this time and - today! - being placed on the forehead of all the elect of God's Children - God's Children who are here on earth now. Those who are born again will be able to escape some of the devastation as the world has never new before.  Yes it is ridden in all the new testament bibles. The Season  i speck of - and being GOD'S Prophet i gives you NOTICE of the starting Season ( The Season ) of the seven trumpets that is which does start around the end of 2016. That is the Season - not the trumpets them self sounding. the Sounding of the seven trumpets will be happening - happening Around 2024 when the first of the seven trumpet will sounds. 

No doubt you my need all the time you can to get ready, but this is it. Do you have the seal of GOD, or even know how to acquire God's seal to get into Heaven. Praise the Lord that all of these things of The Lord you can find here on this website.  I'am Prophet RevDavis - GOD has given me to explain the secrets about his kingdom.

No adult, or  children imagination on this earth has no ideal how very Great GOD is. Unto The Lord Almighty, and Most High GOD be all the glory,

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