GOD’S Purpose of Life


If you knew What GOD'S Purpose of Life is" what would you do?

   To choose GOD'S Purpose of Life. On Sunday Jan. 06, 2013. we went to a convalescent home to visit a lady 95 years young, She suffering with a case of Pneumonia . We sat talking as we embarked on some encouraging words.

GOD'S Purpose of Life.

Mrs. Britt have been an important constituent in our God given ministry for over six years. In other words she knew my ministry and my devotion unto The LORD Jesus, and the Most High GOD. As a child of GOD she had excess in the ministry in talking to The LORD.

Take heed to What The Purpose of Life Is. 

-Rev 4:11 "Worthy art you our Lord and God,  For Your Pleasure We are and were created.

1. But! The LORD our GOD also serves us.  This is how the Most High GOD is such a wonderful GOD.

2. He shares his glory with us, and give glory, and honor unto us as well.

My belief is that every child of GOD must pray for one's self. In my encouraging Mrs. Britt. I explained that many times a child of GOD get sick to help bring that child closer to him. That's just another way that GOD uses to help you to be purged, cleansed through repentance.

 Understanding About Your Free Will.

After i returned home late that evening. I called her to share some other encouraging words. I told her we never have to be sick. But we would really have to be in tuned to recognize our own spiritual convictions. To confess our faults, and then excepting a change of heart as we repent. GOD uses things such as sickness at many times to help us get better in line, an  ready for his calling. This is one of several things he may use to chase a child of God. He loves us and these things are what he uses to help us shake off worldly ways of a sinful nature.  GOD chaseth those whom he love.

Here Is Understanding About The Seven Deadly Sins.

Because many times if not most times we are blind to the sinful nature that abides in us. GOD has given us free will so there fore he won't take away something that we deliberately cling to such as;   1. sloft.  2. gluttony, our: 3. pride, 4. anger, 5. envy, 6. lust, 7. greed.  When you pray to be changed unto his glory, or to be accepted into his kingdom- that is when his angels work to put his light in you, because no sinful nature is allowed to inter Heaven. Because none of these sins can become, inter, or take part of his kingdom. So this is the chastening devices, tools God allows to cleanse, purge your ungodly ways to enable you to inter into ever lasting life.

These three things helps us ad-hear unto What The Purpose of Life is.

1. Confess your faults  unto GOD. Seek Conviction of whatever the Spirit of GOD put on your heart.                                                                                                                     

2. Ask forgiveness of GOD and from others for whatever deadly sin you participated and did towards them.

3. Then make a dedication unto GOD to do whatever His Spirit of Righteousness put on your heart. To do whatever with Determination to be, to keep and stay right unto The LORD, and with your Ministry. Even worrying is a downfall.

GOD'S Purpose of Life is;

1. He gives his grace for us to use to pass the tests to be faithful unto him so that we can inherit such a magnificent prize of everlasting life without any sorrow.

2. We should serve The LORD to bring him all the glory by our life ministry and in how we live,

Unto the Most High GOD be all the glory,  Amen.

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